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Westside Jr. Warriors Football

Program Mission: The Jr. Warriors Football Program will strive to provide players, coaches, and parents with a positive, successful, and enjoyable football experience.  Preparing players to progress to the next level and ultimately play football at Westside High School is the program's founding purpose.

The Jr. Warriors is a program for young players who will be or plan on attending Westside High School.   Join the family and be a part of a successful youth tradition!! 

The program will emphasize the following for all participants on a daily basis:  Proper football fundamentals and techniques;  Development of athletic ability;  Showing respect to coaches, teammates, and other competitors;  Creating a positive and supportive competitive environment for all.  Most important facet to Jr Warriors Football, 'TO HAVE FUN!

  • 2023 7th Grade
  • 2024 7th Grade 7v7
  • 2024 5th Grade 7v7 (Red)
  • 2024 5th Grade 7v7 (White)
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